Iolite Gemstone ( काकानीली )

  1. Iolite is Violetish Blue Gemstone, called Neeli in Hindi.

  2. Iolite is used as substitute of Blue Sapphire.

  3. Iolite has strong Pleochroism, means it shows three distinct Colors in different directions.

  4. Being a vision stone, the Iolite helps one to express themselves in the best way possible. It relieves one from the expectations that others may have from them.

  5. In partnerships, the Iolite helps in reducing codependency on the partner and encourages one to take responsibility as well.

  6. Another amazing property of this stone is that it increases intuition in the wearer.

  7. On the physical level, the Iolite gemstone is a blessing for those who wish to cure their liver and to those who want to get rid of the problems related to cholesterol. As a matter of fact, wearing gemstone can also help in removing toxins from the body and in treating malaria as well as some chronic infections.

  8. The Iolite also assists in curing the eyes and improving memory. Those who have trouble sleeping can wear iolite stone to improve their sleep pattern and quality.