Rudraksha Mala is the seed of Eliocarpus ganitrus tree and holds great importance in the Hindu Mythology. The seeds or beads are weaved together in to a Mala of 108 beads which is then used by Saints, Sannyasis or even common people to chant mantras. The meaning of Rudraksha in Sanskrit means Shiva’s teardrops and that’s the reason it has so much of that spiritual value.

  1. Rudraksha beads are derived from Rudraksha Tree. These are the seeds of the Rudraksha fruit. Each Seed has different Marking pattern and may have varied number of clefts on its surface.
  2. The Cleft marking are observed to identify the Faces (Mukhi) in a Rudraksha Bead. Rudraksha may vary from 1-Mukhi to 38 Mukhi . 1 – 11 Mukhi are widely used for astrological Benefits.
  3. Rudrakshas are known to possess Divine Energy. It is associated with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva who are the Creator, Protector and Destroyer of Universe and also with Planets.
  4. Depending on the Mukhi (Faces), Each rudraksha is associated with different Planet and have their specific Benefits.
  5. Rudrakshas do not have any negative effects. Rudraksha of any Mukhi can be worn by person of any Age, Gender or Religion.
  6. Due to their Immense Popularity, it is common to find Fake Rudrakshas in the Market. Ensure that you wear only Natural and Un-treated Rudraksha beads.
  7. RATNARAJ GEMS provides Natural Lab-Certified Rudrakshas, so that you too can enjoy the benefits of the Divine Bead.