Cat’s Eye Gemstone ( लहसुनिया )

  1. Cat’s Eye (Chatoyancy) is an Optical Phenomenon seen in few Gemstones.
  2. Stones with this effect are called Cat’s Eye stone, like Quartz Cat’s Eye, Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye & Apatite Cat’s Eye.
  3. Cat’s Eye stones are commonly used for Astrological & Ornamental purpose.
  4. Cat’s Eye Stone Price range starts at around Rupees 500/-  ($ 7) per carat and go up to Rupees 15000/-  ($ 210) per Carat as per the quality. (Color, Clarity, Cut, Shape)
  • Cat’s Eye Benefits: Protection from the evil effects of Ketu, bring in wealth and better luck to the wearer. It saves the wearer from any kind of mishaps that are to happen and helps one strengthen their physical weakness and mental imbalances caused due to various circumstances in life.